Organic Flea Removal Tips

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If you have pets then you have probably experienced problems with fleas in the past. There are plenty of products available to get rid of fleas, but many of these are toxic. Some of these flea removal products can cause poisoning if ingested by your pet. This guide will look at Organic flea removal tips which is a much healthier way to rid your home of pesky fleas.

Organic Flea Removal

Organic Flea Collar

A flea collar is a great way to prevent your dog or cat from getting fleas. There are plenty you can buy in stores, but this home made variety is very easy to make. Simply take a regular collar which fits your dog or cat comfortably. Mix 5 drops of lavender oil with 3 tablespoons of water. Add the mixed oil and water to the collar and leave it to dry.


Add a teaspoon of white distilled vinegar to your dogs drinking water. They won’t notice the difference and it won’t do them any harm. Fleas hate vinegar which will prevent them living on your pet. It will also improve the condition of your dogs coat.

Lemon Soak

Lemons contain chemicals which will actually kill fleas on your pet. Take a couple of lemons and slice then up, then put them in a pan of water and boil. Allow the mixture to cool down gradually and apply to your dog or cats coat. It can be applied by using a brush or a sponge. Be sure to saturate the coat with the mixture to make sure the fleas have nowhere to hide. When the coat is fully wet, use a flea comb to comb through the coat looking for fleas.

Lemon Bath

Lemons can also be used to bathe your dog or cat to get rid of fleas. Squeeze around half a cup of lemon juice and mix this with half a cup of your normal pet shampoo. Add a little water if necessary to get the consistency right. Pour the mixture into a bottle so that it can be used over and over again. The lemon shampoo can be used to wash your pets hair every week to prevent fleas becoming an issue in your home.

Organic Flea Powder

Flea powders are perhaps the easiest way to control fleas, but many of these are toxic. Fortunately there is a very easy to make organic flea powder recipe. The basic ingredient is Diatom flour, and you should be able to find this online. It’s a completely natural product which doesn’t use chemicals to kill. It actually feels a lot like baby powder, but it causes a lot of damage to ticks and fleas. Simply put this powder into a shaker and shake over your pet. You can also add other ingredients, including Yarrow root powder and eucalyptus oil if you wish. These will promote healing, which is beneficial if the fleas have caused any inflammation.

Hopefully these natural and organic flea removal tips will avoid you ever having to spend money on toxic commercial products. These will keep your pet healthier without the risk of accidental poisoning. Once you have managed to get rid of fleas, be sure to check your pet every week to make sure they don’t come back.